Laravel5 Response "The HTTP status code "1" is not valid."

I have large but simple join query for large data. If i print query result using dd() or var_dump() i get result, but if i pass result data or redirect i get an exception which is

"The HTTP status code "1" is not valid."

Here is action code:

public function postSearch(Request $request)
    $min_price  = !empty($request['min_price']) ? $request['min_price'] : 500;
    $max_price  = !empty($request['max_price']) ? $request['max_price'] : 50000000000;

    $properties = DB::table('properties')
                ->join('addresses', function($join) {
                    $join->on('', '=', 'addresses.property_id');
                ->where('status', '=', 1)
                ->where('category', '=', $request['search_category'])
                ->where('type', '=', $request['contract'])
                ->where('city', '=', $request['search_city'])
                ->where('area', '=', $request['property_area'])
                ->where('bed_room', '=', $request['search_bedroom'])
                ->where('bath_room', '=', $request['bath_room'])
                ->whereBetween('price', [$min_price, $max_price])
                ->orderBy('properties.updated_at', 'desc')
    try {
            return Redirect::to('property/search', compact('properties'));
            return Redirect::to('/')->with('message', PropertyHelper::formatMessage(trans('property.property_not_found'), 'danger'));
    catch(\Exception $ex) {



I guess you try to show the search results after searching. The problem is this line.

return Redirect::to('property/search', compact('properties'));

After you get the search result you should call a view, not redirect.

return view('', compact('properties'));

But make sure you have the view file.


Also, in Laravel 5 it happens to me when I forget and try using named route on redirect:

return redirect('users.overview', ['id' => $id]); // Error

instead of:

return redirect()->route('users.overview', ['id' => $id]);

I had the same issue.

Try using with() as in your else block :

return Redirect::to('property/search')->with(compact('properties'))

Moreover as of Laravel 5, you can simply use the redirect() helper like this:

return redirect('property/search')->with(compact('properties'))

I had kind of the same problem. As per Larvel 5.1 documentation, redirect can bring parameters this way:

return redirect('yourRoute')->with('param', 'value');

Then in the view echo the parameter:

@if (session('param'))
    {{ session('param') }}

I also encountered the same situation, because you passed the wrong parameters in the Model

public static $rules = array(       
    'id' => 'required',

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