automatic login to facebook in java

I have created a java web application using spring. I want the users of my application can be logged automatically into my application when they are logged into facebook. Any help will be highly appreciated.


It depends of your app. BTW, facebook have good documentation about this, you have to use javascript auth (there are many examples), with manually processing result or using facebook-java-api (look at FacebookSignatureUtil for example).

PS you have to register your webapp at facebook before using facebook connect

I don't think it is possible for you to get user to automatically logged into your app. Facebook stores the log in token in a cookie, this cookie will get passed back to same server, not to your server.

The click, will send request to facebook and you will get authentication token from facebook.

In fact, it is possible for facebook login button to log you into site even if user is logged out of facebook. You need to ask for "offline_access" permission.

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