Does Spark support subqqueries?


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Spark 2.0.0+:

since 2.0.0 Spark supports a full range of subqueries. See Does SparkSQL support subquery? for details.

Spark < 2.0.0

Does Spark support subqqueries?

Generally speaking it does. Constructs like SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM foo WHERE bar = 1) as tmp perfectly valid queries in the Spark SQL.

As far as I can tell from the Catalyst parser source it doesn't support inner queries in a NOT IN clause:

| termExpression ~ (NOT ~ IN ~ "(" ~> rep1sep(termExpression, ",")) <~ ")" ^^ {
    case e1 ~ e2 => Not(In(e1, e2))

It is still possible to use outer join followed by filter to obtain the same effect.

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