Can I transform XML to HTML in SQL Server?

I have a query that returns data as XML using the "for XML Clause" and then sends the result as the body of an email like so.

Declare @messBody as nvarchar(max)
Set @messBody = (Select * from tablehere where state = 1 for xml Auto)
  Exec msdb.dbo.ap_send_dbmail
      @profile_name = 'ProfileNameHere'
      @recipients = ''
      @body = '@messBody
      @subject = 'SubjectHere'

It works and I get the email with the info I need but the body of the email is ugly XML. I would like to be able to transform it into pretty HTML. Can this be done in SQL Server?


I think you would need to use the CLR for that to do it by applying an XSLT transform.

One way would be to write a clr proc. Here is an article showing how:

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