(Play 2.4.2, Play Slick 1.0.0) How do I apply database Evolutions to a Slick managed database within a test?

I would like to write database integration tests against a Play Slick managed database and apply and unapply Evolutions using the helper methods described in the Play documentation namely, Evolutions.applyEvolutions(database) and Evolutions.cleanupEvolutions(database). However these require a play.api.db.Database instance which is not possible to get hold of from what I can see. The jdbc library conflicts with play-slick so how do I get the database instance from slick? I use the following to get a slick database def for running slick queries:

val dbConfig = DatabaseConfigProvider.get[JdbcProfile]("my-test-db")(FakeApplication())  
import dbConfig.driver.api._
val db = dbConfig.db




Here is how I dow it with Guice:

I inject with Guice:

lazy val appBuilder = new GuiceApplicationBuilder()

lazy val injector = appBuilder.injector()

lazy val databaseApi = injector.instanceOf[DBApi] //here is the important line

(You have to import play.api.db.DBApi.)

And in my tests, I simply do the following (actually I use an other database for my tests):

override def beforeAll() = {

override def afterAll() = {

(I'm using Scalatest but it the same thing with an other testing framework.)

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