Programmatic way to search a page for the user in a browser

I am working on a search engine project that will point a user to a page from, say Google, and show them where their search terms are in the document. Most of us search Google and know that sometimes you have to CTRL-F to find where that word appeared on the page (especially on long pages). I know some browser plug-ins can help with this - but is there a way to wrap the page in a frame and do it (even if you don't control the site being displayed)?

If not, what browser plug-ins might you recommend that I could customize & brand so the user can accomplish this task? I'm guessing you could also write a Kinitex plug-in or GreaseMonkey script - but I'd prefer to not go any route that a newbie user wouldn't immediately understand.

Thanks in advance for your help!


You can get source code of the page with curl, add javascript function to it and then pass result to the user. Just like server-side GreaseMonkey. :)

In google Chrome try Google Quick Scroll, it does it.

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