Url to get latest build # of CC.NET project?

I have CruiseControl.NET version, and I am wondering if there it provides a url where the only control is the lastest build # of a project, so that I can access that data using curl or something?

Something like http://buildserver/ccnet/server/VMSDEV2/project/MyProject/LatestBuild.aspx

All that it would have is:


Fixed the IPlugin issue with an attribute for the class:

public class LatestBuildNumberProjectPlugin : ICruiseAction, IPlugin
    public static readonly string ACTION_NAME;
    private readonly IFarmService farmService;
    private readonly ILinkFactory linkFactory;

    static LatestBuildNumberProjectPlugin()
        ACTION_NAME = "LatestBuildNumber";

    public LatestBuildNumberProjectPlugin(IFarmService farmService, ILinkFactory linkFactory)
        this.farmService = farmService;
        this.linkFactory = linkFactory;

    public IResponse Execute(ICruiseRequest cruiseRequest)
        IProjectSpecifier projectSpecifier = cruiseRequest.ProjectSpecifier;
        IBuildSpecifier[] mostRecentBuildSpecifiers = this.farmService.GetMostRecentBuildSpecifiers(projectSpecifier, 1);
        if (mostRecentBuildSpecifiers.Length == 1)
            var build = mostRecentBuildSpecifiers[0].BuildName;
            var response = new HtmlFragmentResponse(build);
            return response;

        return new HtmlFragmentResponse("There are no complete builds for this project");

    public INamedAction[] NamedActions
            return new INamedAction[] { new ImmutableNamedAction(ACTION_NAME, this) };

    public string LinkDescription
        get { return "Latest Build Number"; }

And I've named my assembly:


And in the dashboard.config file, I've added the plugin ref:

        <latestBuildReportProjectPlugin />

But apparently, var build = mostRecentBuildSpecifiers[0].BuildName; is not what I am looking for.


I believe it is possible to create packages to extend the CC.NET Dashboard (i.e. the website) and completely change the interface.

To help you get started, check the CC.NET documentation.

A few links that could be of help. - Developing Web Dashboard Plugins - Building Packages - Configuring the Web Dashboard


The link to the latest build is:


it will expand in :


Inside the html page, you have your build number.

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