Versioned associations using vestal_versions?

I'd like to be sure if vestal_versions does support versioned associations (it seems like it doesn't) before switching out to another versioning gem that can support versioned associations e.g => has_versioning. I haven't looked at the code yet but I couldn't find anything related with versioned associations from the readme file or the issue section on github. Help would be appreciated!


(At the moment of writing this) There is an associations branch in the official vestal_versions repository, It is still a basic idea and isn't merged yet in the master branch. So I decided to go with another versioning gem, specifically acts_as_revisable following the instructions in this blog post.

I'm looking for something that appears to be very close to your needs. But I don't need to revert the associated objects, just to record them. I was thinking of handle it in a nosql way. So I can save the model version and the associations would be embedded documents.

So I can compare versions in a more comprehensive way. Right now I use paper_trail, but as it can't handle associations, it's not possible to store the tags associated to a model and see how it changes through time.

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