GIT Pull & Clone times out

I've recently set up a small turnkeylinux revision control VM (which has about 256MB RAM), and am attempting to clone one of the repositories I pushed up to it. It is very fast to push to (via ssh) but is extremely slow to pull from.

Here's what I get if I leave it till SSH times out:

$ git pull
andrewm@'s password:
remote: Counting objects: 403, done.
Read from remote host The connection was aborted
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
fatal: early EOF

I attempted the clone like so:

> mkdir myProj
> cd myProj
> git init
> git remote add origin git+ssh://andrewm@
> git pull

When I issue the pull command it reaches 50% almost instantly, and then halts. It slowly creeps forward a few more percent (one attempt reached 66%) and then eventually dies if left long enough.

This repo is tiny with only a handful of revisions so far. My main repo is much bigger and will also be unusable unless this issue is identified.

Any ideas what could be causing the sudden slowdown?


I opened the firewall and found that the git-daemon protocol also timed out, so it's not related to SSH. Changed the title of the question accordingly.


a/ Check your ssh connection from your new local server (try a direct ssh to check you can connect to the remote, then a ssh-based operation: sftp or scp)

b/ what a git clone (instead of git init + git remote add + git pull) gives you?

 git clone ssh://user@server:project.git
 git clone ssh://andrewm@

(and what about using directly the ssh protocol in the git remote address?)

c/ What a second git pull displays? Does it pick up where it left? (like git svn rebase does)

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