Reading MS word file in C# with comments

Currently i have a word document with comments added. The structure of the document is specified in the comment. The document contains embedded images.

Now i need to structurally read the document based on the comments and create a html file. The problem is i cant capture the embedded image information currently.

        Comments comments = doc.Comments;
        foreach (Comment comment in comments)
            String text = comment.Range.Text;
            String actualText = comment.Scope.Text;


Can someone please help in capturing the embedded images. Also i need the exact "html" format of the document. Currently the text appears plain without any paragraph information.


Integrating Microsoft Word in your .NET applications [ CodeProject ]

This can help you. Just now you check the API methods. I believe that there are already methods in the API to list all files, and I think qeu you can programmatically, choose the method of viewing in HTML and then save it. Hope that helps. Have fun.

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