what is the meaning of "in a nutshell"

i have came across the sentence "in a nutshell" while reading a technical book . i want to know the meaning of this sentence(in a nutshell).


It's when you summarize something.

elook.org defines it as adverb summed up briefly

In a nutshell means in a summarized and very abbreviated form.

To be in a nutshell or to lie in a nutshell means to be within a small compass; to admit of very brief or simple determination or statement.

In a nutshell, "in a nutshell" summarizes something.


Adv. 1. in a nutshell - summed up briefly; "gave the facts in a nutshell"; "just tell me the story in a nutshell"; "explained the situation in a nutshell"

Taken from: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/in+a+nutshell

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