Select XML nodes as XML in T-SQL

This one seems so simple, but I must be missing something...

Given this SQL:

declare @xml XML
set @xml =

How would you go about getting a table containing:

      <person>\n        <name>Matt</name>\n        <surname>Smith</surname>\n      <person>
      <person>\n        <name>John</name>\n        <surname>Doe</surname>\n      <person>

ie: Grabbing entire nodes as nvarchar(NNN) elements, not just their names, attributes or values?

I've tried using node(), text(), fn:node(), fn:text(), blah blah etc... Nuffin yet!


Crikey, I think I've answered my own question again...

    pref.query('.') as PersonSkills
    @xml.nodes('/*/*') AS People(pref)

Further, if anyone is interested, here's an extension to the query which only returns the root node's immediate child nodes, as xml, if they have child nodes themselves:

    pref.query('.') as XmlExtract
    @xml.nodes('/*/*') AS extract(pref)
    pref.value('./*[1]', 'nvarchar(10)') IS NOT NULL

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