Porting a C/C++ program into Android

I am attempting to put my C++ program onto an Android phone but have run into several problems with the library linking. It seems most of the useful information I find on this topic through google is outdated (motz) or simply does not account for the complexity of my program. I have been able to run simple C programs but fail when attempting to use libraries outside of Android's Bionic/libc.

So my questions are:

  • Is it possible to port pre-existing *.so libraries onto Android? If so, how could I do this without seg faulting?
  • Should I be using the CodeSourcery compiler (arm-none-linux-gnueabi-*)?
  • How can I work around the lack of a seperate pthread library?

Please help me out! Thanks.



You can't use pre-existing *.so files because they need to be compiled for Android. In order to create an *.so for Android you need to use their NDK, which is already set up to build the correct format so you don't need to worry about arm-none-linux-gnueabi or anything. If you want to use a library that isn't available on Android you'll need to build it yourself using the NDK. I had to do this with the STL.

Please refer to the following :

Can i use the native libraries (installed in android stack) in my NDK application?

This should answer you some queries...

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