event management php mysql

i am working on a event kind website. What i am trying to do is, i show a form for broadasters to create their events for the particular date and then store them in the database. when the event date is current date then users will be coming to the site will click on that event link to watch the show. when they click on that link i don't want to show them the broadcasting page right away but instead i want to show them a small log in page, just to collect name and email so that at the back i can get their ip address to find the location. when i do this, how can i record no of users who are currently watching the same event, i am not sure if i should store each user with the event id and then count it for that event id and show on the broadcasting page. Is there any other approach? or if there is any clone script available?



Trying to distil the essence of your question here, from what I read you are looking for a way to show the Current Number of Users Online / Viewing a Specific Event?

If so, here are a couple of tutorials regarding Current Users Online counters, which might be adapted to your particular needs.

If I have misread your question, please edit it to make the specific question you are wanting answered clearer.

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