Regarding Oracle Error

I am getting the below oracle error. I checked the test scheme for any constraint name CMF_CMP using toad. But i am unable to find it. How do i detect the reason for failure and how to resolve it.

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-20001: -2298: ORA-02298: cannot validate (TEST.FMF_CMP) - parent keys not found
ORA-06512: at test.test_SYN", line 46


Sounds like you have an orphan! You'll need to track it down and give it a parent or drop the orphan

select * 
  from test_SYN ts
                           select NULL 
                             from test_PARENT tp
                            where tp.ID = ts.ParentID)

Are you trying to enable the constraint or am I just missing the mark?

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