Unit tests for std::map

Does anyone know where I can find unit tests that will test std::map?

The reason I ask is because I have written a class that acts as a replacment for std::map and has virtually all the same functionality, so unit tests for std::map will be suitable for my class, too.

Of course, I can write my own, but if someone has already written extensive tests for this then that would save me a lot of time and would hopefully cover things that I might have missed.



While i don't know how much is needed to use them stand-alone, you could take a look at libstdc++' testsuite.

Try to find it in open source library implementations like:

libstdc++ libc++

The book The C++ Standard Template Library by Plauger et al provides code for a sample STL implementation, with test code for all types. I don't know from memory if the code is available on-line though.

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