Get an instance of activity that starts another from intent

Is there a way to get an instance of the activity that has called the currently running activity from the intent object that has been passed to it? eg. if A has called B, I would like to retrieve A's instance from the intent in B's onCreate method. As Activity is not Serializable i am not able to pass the instance in the extras bundle. Any help on this would be great



It's not possible, and poses security risk, the intent can be fired by a 3rd party application and this way you get access to it.

Why do you want to do that? Just pass as Extras the variables you need, or create a reduced class to hold your data you want to transfer.

a general note on passing datan between activities: If the object you want to pass along (I guess you could write a wrapper if you can't modify the actual Class) implements Parcelable - then you can pass it between activities as well. I had to do something like this recently and I wrote a few lines on how to get going with parcelable. Hope it helps,


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