ASP.NET 4 Web forms Routing images

I'm using ASP.NET 4 Web forms routing, for example like this:

routes.MapPageRoute("page-browse", "{Language}/{Label}", "~/Default.aspx")

So the webadress could look like: http://localhost/mywebsite/eng/home

In the root of my website I have a folder "Images".

Image display works when I'm in the root of my website, e.g. by using http://localhost/mywebsite/default.aspx

But when using routing it doesn't work, because the image relative url will look at http://localhost/mywebsite/eng/images instead of http://localhost/mywebsite/images

Is there a way to prevent this using ASP.NET 4 Routing mechanism? Or is the only way to use absolute url's to images?


Two things you could try.

1) Set RouteExistingFiles to false. This will stop routing on any file that the server matches as already existing. Only "virtual" urls that match a route will actually be routed:

routes.RouteExistingFiles = false;

2) Use a StopRoutingHandler route. For example, this would stop routing on all jpgs. You could also set it up to ignore the entire images directory.

routes.Add(new Route("*\.jpg", new StopRoutingHandler()));

  1. Create an IHttpHandler implementation that locates the file's absolute path from the virtual path and renders it as a filestream.

  2. Create an IRouteHandler implementation that returns the http handler I just described if the file has an image extension, or uses the default routing mechanism otherwise.

  3. Register the route handler to be used in the route.

How are you referencing your images? You should just be able to use a virtual path to the site root, using a prefix of '/' (unless I'm completely misunderstanding the question)


<img src="/mywebsite/images/image.jpg" />

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