Javascript history.back() not working in rails app

Hey I'm calling history.back() on the on-click of a 'back' button in a rails app. But nothing happens. There is history in the browser -- pressing the browser's back button takes me back to the correct page.

If I use history.go(-2) however, the page goes back correctly. So why do I have to tell javascript to go back two pages instead of one?

Any ideas how to debug this?

I tried this in FF and Safari.


--Additional Info:

Ok I played around some more and this works:

<a href='javascript:' onclick='history.back();'>

Originally, the code was:

<a href='#' onclick='history.back();'>

What's the difference? (Note that this used to work before, something has changed which makes the latter link not work)


have you tried adding return false? So:

<a href='#' onclick='history.go(-1);return false;'>

If you use link_to_function it will automatically add return false to the end.

<%= link_to_function "Go back", "history.back()" %>

I'd recommend using <%= link_to :back %>. Read more here:

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