how will webserver running IIS 5.0 handle multiple dbserver connections?

one websevers one website one page,

three users clients

two dbservers different databases on each using sql server 2005 server express

when any of the client accessing the page from his computer clicks on

button A ---- connect to 'table1' of db 'first' on dbserver1
button B ---- connect to 'table1' of db 'second' on dbsever2

question is in my experience with vs08 coding, when one connection is opened, another attempt to open an connection is refused, saying an connection is already there which needs to be closed first.

so how will the webserver IIS 5.0 handle this, allow a connection at a time?

i think my question is not clear

for answerers:--

yes sql server allows multiple connections

but there are two sql servers running on two different computers.


your sql server should easily allow multiple connections without issue. It has nothing to do with IIS

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