How to move "Solution Explorer" tab in Visual Studio

Does anyone know how to move the "Solution Explorer" tab in Visual Studio 2005? It's on the left, and I can't move it to the right.




Click on the title bar, and drag it to the right portion of the screen. Eventually you'll see a compas like structure popup. Make sure you hover over the right area and let go of the mouse button. That will bind it to the right side.

You Can go to tab Windows -> Reset Windows Layout. Other options like Dockable, Floating and Tabbed Document are also their.

you move the whole solution explorer while its floating on the screen. Right click--> Tabbed Document. right click again --> Vertical tab

You can only drag the panel by the title bar to the central compass overlay while it is pinned and not set to auto hide. You can click the pin icon in the title bar to toggle this.

Go to View-> Appearance -> Move Side Bar Left

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