Ruby on Rails: link_to acting weird

So.. here is my link_to

  • <%= link_to "Archive", :action => 'archive' %>
  • and my output in the console

     Parameters: {"action"=>"archive", "controller"=>"achievables"}

    why is the action not "archive" ? the method is defined in the controller... spelled correctly and everything.

    EDIT: from routes.rb

      map.archives 'achievable/archive', :controller => 'achievables', :action => 'archive'
      map.resources :achievables, :member => {:build => [:get,:post], :publish_detail => [:get,:post], :publish=>[:get,:post], :confirm_publish=>[:get,:post], :confirm_delete=>[:get,:post]}

    right now, the error is

    Showing app/views/layouts/build_archivable.html.erb where line #6 raised:
    Called id for nil, which would mistakenly be 4 -- if you really wanted the id of nil, use object_id

    which, again, is the wrong path. =\


    Try specifying the action as a string rather than a symbol:

    <%= link_to 'Archive', :action => 'archive' %>

    Alternatively, you might have a higher priority route defined within config/routes.rb that is getting matched before the default /:controller/:action/:id route (Rails starts at the top of the file and works downwards until to hits a route that matches the URL).

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