Problem modelling address generalization

I’m a bit concerned about how to model this rather simple scenario the best way in UML and ERM. When designed it has to be implemented in C# (Entity Framework 4) and SQL Server 2008.

The case is that I have a person, who has a postal address. Now this address can be two types, either a postal box, or a house identifier (house number, street, etc.). I believe that this is called generalization, and might be modelled the following way using UML: (sorry for the link, but I don't have enough reputation to post images yet)

PostalAddressPostalBox and PostalAddressHouseIdentifier will of course have more properties and relations to other entities/tables. Same goes with the Person class. Also other classes will have a reference to a postal address, so it's not only persons.

My question is if this is the correct way to model this problem, and how I can implement it in SQL (schema wise) and what my entities in C# should look like?

Thank you in advance


I just think you shouldn't reuse the PostalAddress for different entities. It will just be harder to change the address for a given entity.

For the relational database, there are some options, like class table inheritance.

Or maybe single table inheritance or concrete table inheritance. It's up to you to decide the tradeoffs.

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