Good Source Of .Net Design Patterns

I'm looking for a good online resource of software patterns. Preferably something with a comprehensive selection and concise well written explanations, not just a collection of links. .Net examples would be nice, but not essential.


To see real world examples of patterns implemented, why not grab an open source .net project such as Paint.NET or CommunityServer and have a look through the codebase? You could also get Reflector and have a look at the source code for the base class library.

Enterprise Solutions Patterns using Microsoft .NET

Design Patterns for ASP.NET Programmers

Data and Object Factory, Inc -- Patterns


I recommend Head First Design Patterns book from Freemans. These are general design patterns applicable in most OO languages. I recommend this book as an introductory book to design patterns. After this book the GOF book would be another recommendation (but not as a first book).

Grab this book:

P of EEA By Martin Fowler

Here's the online info of that book

A couple of other resources

You might also want to read the book .NET Design Patterns.

Some of the books above I have read and can certainly vouch for.

Here is a descriptions of Design Patterns

I thing this is a very good page for reading and learning about design patterns

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