How to make each Treeview Node have a related TextBox

I am trying to make a form in which the user fills in values. It is quite long. I wish to use an expandable tree to fit it into my one form. Is there any way to give each TreeView Node a TextBox by its side? Having the node text edited by itself is not enough.


Is the textbox for editing the node? or for secondary data? If the node, it can already be editable (Edit/BeginEdit or something). If secondary data, I would be quite tempted to push this into a single textbox that displays/edits the data for the current selected node. That may text-boxes is going to be confusing!

Alternatively, there are some treeview/grid combined controls available from 3rd parties. Might be a good fit. Here's (look for TreeListView) a quick search hit (not a specific recommendation - just a search result).

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