How do I stop Eclipse (EPIC Perl) from adding DOS CR/LF to my Perl scripts?

I use Eclipse on Windows to edit files on a remotely mounted Linux SMB share.

Coupled with Samba's stubborn opposition to on-the-fly mapping, Eclipse's insistence on CR/LF creates a real headache with Perl scripts.

Any workarounds?


In Eclipse, the end-of-line sequence setting can be found under Window > Preferences > General > Workspace > "New text file line delimiter".

I just stumbled upon an easy way of fixing these problems when you run into someone else's code that has them.

In Eclipse Kepler (and later), use the menu item File > Convert Line Delimiters To.

In previous versions of Eclipse, you have to user Source > Format. It'll reformat the code, which includes replacing CR/LFs with LFs.

Or maybe you just have to uncheck this flag : Window/Preferences/General/Editors/Text Editors/Show whitespace characters

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