Is there any (real) Office 2007 look and feel for Java/Swing?

I'm aware of the Substance look and feels and that they have a Office 2007 look-a-like look and feel. But this look and feel doesn't look like the Office 2007 design at all, the colors are a lot different for example.

Are there other look and feels which mimic the Office 2007 more accurately?



I suggest looking at jide software conponents at

The author of Substance is also developing "Flamingo" which includes a Ribbon component. As far as I understand, Flamingo has no dependency on Substance and uses whatever LAF is installed (so the system LAF should work).

You migh want to give it a try.

With the Windows 7/VS2010/.NET4 wave, the ribbon will become a standard component in Win32 and also the .NET framework I think.

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