MKMapView changes physical position in the view

I've put an MKMapView in a view at certain x-y coordinates (x:25 y:120) at a size that's about a third of the view tall and fills much of the width (w:275, h:150). There are other elements in the view, mostly labels and buttons.

When looking at it after having it appear [edited to add: while running the app in the simulator] (pushed onto a UINavigationController stack, a detail view of a table cell) everything on the page is in its appropriate place EXCEPT for the MKMapView, which is always its height further up on the page. That is, in the case of the measurements shown above it actually puts it at x:25 y:-30. If I move it further down the page, say y:300, it still moves it up the height of the map, in this case to y:150.

Why does it keep moving? It's a terrible hack to initially position it 150 pixels farther down the view in order to have it end up at the right place.


The autosizing options needed to be set such that the top, bottom, left, right, and height were all solid (unchangeable). This may have been related to it being in a scrollview, though I'm not sure.

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