Search by multiple tags

I'd like to be able to search for questions by multiple tags; for example "questions tagged 'nhibernate' and 'web-services'".

I can get close by searching for "nhibernate web-services" but the results tend to be a few questions that relate to both terms--but much more largely just questions that relate to one or the other.


You can. Search for [tag1] [tag2] to search for questions with both tags.

Updated: AhA! Mea Culpa! I did not appreciate the difference between these two ways.

  • Search: [nhibernate][web-services]
  • Search: nhibernate web-services

Something to do with the way I am used to get the effect of "[nhibernate][web-services]" directly by typing that in the URL as "questions/tagged/web-services+nhibernate".

Taking away all my comments and leaving this answer around as something I learned here.

Old: [The OR method] Exists as described here.

Try tags or search Or, nhibernate or web-services

You can. Type this in your browser's address bar: web-services

If you want to do a simple ANDed search, there is another way to accomplish this, without actually using the search interface.

By going to one of the tag pages, using [nhibernate] as an example, if the additional tags you want to search for are popular enough within that tag to show up on the right side of the screen, clicking on one of those tags automatically adds an AND to the filter.

So if you're browsing questions in [nhibernate], clicking on the [mapping] tag on the right side takes you here.

This is a really easy way to browse through questions, and without doing a lot of typing. As I mentioned, the tags you're looking for do have to be popular within the subset of questions shown in the list, but once you've narrowed things down by 2 tags, the list is generally short enough to just browse through all the questions to find what you're looking for.

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