How to change permissions on ftp file in rebol?

What's the function's name to change this permission on ftp file (ftp software can do it so I guess Rebol can too)?


FTP has two ports open, one for commands and one for data transfer. Since you only want to issue a command, then you don't need to use ftp, but can use the telnet protocol.

The ftp protocol in Rebol2 does not support site specific commands such as chmod. However, I have written my own ftp protocol for Rebol3, ( see ), and it looks like it is only a few lines to add the SITE command.

The REBOL function for changing file permissions is set-modes.

However, that is enabled only for local files -- so no equivalent of chmod for remote files using FTP.

This thread suggests it may be possible to modify REBOL's FTP scheme to make it possible.... ....But, as far as I know, no one has.

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