Databases using JSON as storage/transport format

How many database systems there are that use JSON for storage or transport? I know of:

I remember I saw yet another vendor in a SO user's profile. That systems was using what they called binary JSON, but I can't remember the name of the product.

Lately, it appears that more and more DB projects are looking towards JSON for persistence storage. Some of them are even embracing HTTP as a transport layer.


MongoDb is the one that uses a binary JSON storage format. I don't know if there is another that is document oriented. Most of the others are key value stores and can only retrieve an object based on one key.

Persevere is another DB that is loaded up with JSON:

Primary transport is JSON HTTP/REST

Data is stored as JSON

It has a native JS/JSON client for running directly from the browser.

If you want a schema then it is defined using JSON

This is a non-authoritative list.

Source: Wikipedia - Document Oriented Databases

postgresql recently added a json datatype

postgre json datatype

MongoDB does not use JSON but BSON.

RethinkDB is a document oriented database with a JSON data model, which supports sharding and replication

Take a look at Basho's Riak. It has a number of things in common with CouchDB: Erlang-based, Javascript MapReduce API, HTTP transport, JSON document format and multi-master replication. It doesn't aim to be quite as simple as CouchDB (CouchDB is more "opinionated"), but they give you a lot of options for adjusting CAP parameters to meet the needs of your application, per-write.

If you want to store your JSON document in AppEngine's Datastore, you can have a look at Ubud-db, Ubud-db is a Document store on AppEngine with a REST-JSON API.

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