How to select year and month from the created_at attributes of database table in laravel 5.1?

My problem is that I want to get data form the database table from the created_at attributes as per year and month only. The code I have tried is:

$post= Mjblog::select(DB::raw('YEAR(created_at) year, MONTH(created_at) month'));
$posts_by_y_m = $post->where('created_at',$post)->get();


There are date helpers available in the query builder:

$post = Mjblog::whereYear('created_at', '=', $year)
              ->whereMonth('created_at', '=', $month)

If you want to get the year and month from a single instance of Mjblog you can access them like this:

$year = $post->created_at->year;
$month = $post->created_at->month;

Read more about Carbon\Carbon getters documentation.

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