Accessing methods of a subclassed QGraphicsRectItem object

I have subclassed the QGraphicsRectItem, named ResizableRectItem. I have added a new member (int index), and two methods (getIndex() and setIndex() ). I'm adding ResizableRectItems to a QGraphicsScene

ResizableRectItem* item1 = new ResizableRectItem(selrect.normalized());

Later i have to call the getIndex() method, but i only access the items over the items() of the scene(), but

int idx = scene()->items().at(0)->getIndex();

is incorrect, because scene()->items() is QGraphicsItem and don't have getIndex() method. What is the correct solution ? Thanks!


What is the correct solution?

If you can re-think the logic in your code so that you don't have to depend on the interface of ResizableRectItem, that will be best.

If you cannot do that, then, you'll need to use dynamic_cast.

QGraphicsRectItem* gitem = scene()->items().at(0);
ResizableRectItem* item = dynamic_cast<ResizableRectItem*>(gitem);
if ( item != nullptr )
   int idx = item->getIndex();

You can try to cast the object to your datatype and on success operate on it. Like that:

ResizableRectItem* item = qobject_cast<ResizableRectItem*>(scene()->items().at(0)); 
if (item)
   int idx = item->getIndex();

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