Cross-table UPDATE in SQLITE3

In SQL Server, I can do something like this:

UPDATE tbl1 SET col2 = tbl2.col2 
FROM table1 tbl1 INNER JOIN table2 tbl2 ON tbl1.col1 = tbl2.col1

I haven't bothered to look whether this is part of any SQL standard or not, and I'm sure there are other ways to do it, but it is astoundingly useful.

Here's my problem. I need to do something similar in SQL (i.e, not a host language) with SQLITE3. Can it be done?


This works for sqlite:

UPDATE tbl1 SET col2 = (SELECT col2 FROM tbl2 WHERE tbl2.col1 = tbl1.col1)

Just to emphasize Geogory Higley's post:

I have had problems with UPDATE tbl1 SET col2 = (SELECT col2 FROM tbl2 WHERE tbl2.col1 = tbl1.col1) where it updates columns in tbl1 that do not exist in tbl2.

see cheetah post at which points to:

The code is:

insert or replace into foo (id, name, extra)
select,, foo.extra
from bar left join foo on =;

and this seems to work correctly. There seem to be many posts at different sites that recommend the first approach so it is a bit confusing. I would suggest you test your output very carefully if you use this method which does seem faster and may work with matched tables.

I've discovered this can be done with INSERT OR REPLACE INTO. A little more verbose than T-SQL's equivalent, but just as handy.

For what it's worth, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL are the only brands of database that support multi-table updates, and the syntax each uses is not similar.

This feature is not part of standard SQL. So it's not surprising that support for multi-table update (and delete) is nonstandard and not supported by many brands.

Anyway, I'm glad you found a solution that works for your task.

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