Selenium Jana- How to get the desired value from inside a <i> tag

<i data-html="true" data-placement="top" data-trigger="hover" data-original-title="Backend Offer Details" data-content="<dl class='dl-horizontal itemCodeHolder'><dt>Code : </dt><dd>BPAZ3XG</dd><dt>SOC : </dt><dd>No Matching SOC</dd></dl>" data-toggle="popover" class="icon-info-sign boPopover"></i>    

How to get a value from something like this. This is a tool-tip and I want the to get BPAZ3XG from the above tag. How is it possible in Selenium.


I'm not sure if you have a locator for the i element or not yet so I added code for one in case you didn't. For the i locator, I am assuming that the data-original-title='Backend Offer Details' is unique on the page. If it isn't, you'll have to adjust it.

Basically I find the i element, get the data-content attribute (which is a small HTML/XML snippet), and then look for the text in the first dd tag. NOTE: there are two dd tags in the data-content HTML snippet.

WebElement element = driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("i[data-original-title='Backend Offer Details']"));
String dataContent = element.getAttribute("data-content");
System.out.println(dataContent.substring(dataContent.indexOf("<dd>") + 4, dataContent.indexOf("</dd>")));

if your target element "BPAZ3XG" is having no duplicates in web application, you can try with contains text, as i mentioned below


To break this down,

*is a selector that matches any element (i.e. tag) -- it returns a node-set.

The [] are a conditional that operates on each individual node in that node set. It matches if any of the individual nodes it operates on match the conditions inside the brackets.

text() is a selector that matches all of the text nodes that are children of the context node -- it returns a node set.

contains is a function that operates on a string. If it is passed a node set, the node set is converted into a string by returning the string-value of the node in the node-set that is first in document order

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