Code has disappeared from bitbucket repository

I have an issue and I am not sure what is happening. I have a repository on bitbucket that only I use, and I have only done simple pushes of my code. When I got on today my code in one of my directories is missing. Replaced with this:

Well I can't post pictures, but this is the text that is where my files are supposed to be:

DualLoops → 8635cc0a2c54 [8635cc0a2c54]

Where my code might have gone off to?


It means the directory you thought you git add'ed and git commit'ed was a nested git repo (meaning a folder with a .git subfolder in it).

When you add a nested git repo, the main parent repo records a gitlink (a special entry in the index, usually used for submodule). See more with "Git repository in a git repository".

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