Best ORM for Adobe Air / Flex

I'm not sure what I'm missing here, but I can't find a reliable ORM for AIR.

The ones I find are not documented well and don't seem to have a solid following. Is a solid ORM non-existant at this point?

Ones I'm aware of:


I Never used it but have a look at the Cairngorm Persistance Library :

Looks like what you're looking for :

"The Persistence library eases the communication between an Adobe AIR application and an SQLite database. Both use different type systems (relational SQL versus object-oriented ActionScript). This Object Relational Mapping (ORM) library follows an iBATIS approach."

Check out Flextrine at

This is a client/server Flex ORM solution that integrates with Doctrine 2.

ORM frameworks are designed to help access a database. Since Flex has no direct access to a database, an ORM framework would be extremely limited.

I assume the projects you link to are for dealing with AIR and the embedded SQLLite database.

There are plugins for Flash Builder that will generate value objects based on the database you specify. Originally they were just for ColdFusion, but I think they've expanded to include other technologies. However, I would not consider these "code generators" the same as an ORM.

Check out FxORM. It has nice documentation with examples if you follow the link.

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