Which On-Screen Keyboard for Touch Screen Application?

I'm developing an application in C++ that's partially driven by touch-screen on Windows XP Embedded. Some text entry will be necessary for the user. So far we've been using the standard Windows On-Screen Keyboard (osk.exe), but there are two main problems:

  1. It's rather small on a higher resolution screen which will probably make it hard for users to hit the right keys
  2. It's too "ugly" for the customer, who'd like a slicker on-screen keyboard that integrates better with the custom look-and-feel of the application so far.

Therefore I'm looking for alternatives for the Windows On-Screen Keyboard (osk.exe) that allow a larger size of buttons and can be skinned. Ideally it would have a BSD-like license for unburdened integration into a commercial app, but a royalty-free commercial solution could work.

Do you know of any such applications, or have you had a similar project where you solved the issue in another way?


We are using Click-N-Type for our systems. It is completely resizable. It has some customization possibilities, but I never tried them. We use it on "normal" Windows XP, but it should work on Windows XP embedded also.

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