Anyone know whether there is a 5-star rating control for mvc?

I require a star rating control (which allows partial rating like 4.5) for my application built on mvc.

Any pointers in this direction will be helpful?


Rogie, over at Komodomedia, has spent far too long on this topic writing 3 articles on the topic.

Just in case anyone got lost in the link-soup this is the latest.

It's not MVC specific, but it is cross browser and allows you to get the value back via postback or ajax.

Meanwhile I found this link with example in

This is pretty helpful.

Thanks everyone for the help.

I know its not a control, but I found it very easy to implement.

I just implemented this on one of my sites using MVC and it worked beautifully.

This one is my favorite Rating plug-in for JQuery:

it comes with good examples:

There are a couple in the jQuery plug-in list that will be able to do what you require. However there is no specific control for MVC yet.

I tried looking at the links given as response however was not that happy and I developed my own star rating system here and have wrote an article of how I have done it. Hope this will be helpful


I know this is an old post but I like to answer it for everybody who will find this post through search engines.

This article explains how to implement a star rating system for MVC. I have implemented it and it works like a charm.

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