Is it possible to stop Visual Studio 2008 from failing to build on CSS errors?

I have an external stylesheet that has specific IE-hacks. Every so often my site will fail to build due to these hacks (it is the hash-hack; for example #margin-top:-2px;). This is the error:

Unexpected character sequence. Expected a property name for the " : " declaration

I haven't found out a concrete way to get the errors to stop, VS2008 just seems to stop caring after a while. I found this article, but I am unsure of how to edit the files properly so this "error" (since it is legal syntax) will not pop up again.


I'm not sure about 2008, but in 2005 (IIRC), you can go to:

 Tools | Options | Text Editor | CSS | CSS Specific 

and then untick Detect Errors

I remember having exactly the same problem on 100% valid CSS which MS didn't recognise (big shock), flicked this switch and forgot about the problem forever more.

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