Jquery make a mouseon / hover event for one element call / simulate a similar even for a different element?

I'm using a plugin that is obscure and doesn't have a good API and, rather than digging around and re-writing it the way I want, I want to just use it the way its built which is that it has a list within a DIV and an action occurs based on moving the mouse over a list item in this DIV.. I want to simulate this so that I can make another action in the page do this, however I'm not sure exactly how to do this.. so far I have:

This gets the list element:

testit =  $('#masker').find('li').slice(0,1) 

And I just found this on how to simulate but I'm not sure how to express the list element in this format since there is no ID or anything just a <li> within a DIV (so its going on the number of the <li> within the DIV

  //style some element(s) or do stuff.


I want to make it so, its something like this (when user hovers on Div id="mytestdiv" then it will call the action to simulate a hover on <li> #1 in "div id="masker"


calls this action

  //style some element(s) or do stuff.


This is what you need:

  //style some element(s) or do stuff.

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