How to prevent ordering certain products - or a category - from a specific country

I have a category dedicated for exported goods , obviously , they will not be sold locally . so , how can I prevent customers who are from my country from ordering products that are meant only for exporting.. and showing an error message .. please help !


I would say that you will have to create a new product type. You'll need a new module (use Daniel's excellent kick-start extension: and then have your model extend Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Type_Simple.

Then, add a new attribute for your new product type to capture Allowed Countries, and implement the isSalable method in your Model to check for Allowed Countries.

This is not trivial, but it should be the right approach. The guys at Inchoo (who write a great blog) have a good tutorial on the process: link text and in fact they've provided the shell of the module.

Good luck! JD

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