"out of memory" exception in CRecordset when selecting a LONGTEXT column from MySQL

I am using CODBCRecordset (a class found on CodeProject) to find a single record in a table with 39 columns. If no record is found then the call to CRecordset::Open is fine. If a record matches the conditions then I get an Out of Memory exception when CRecordset::Open is called. I am selecting all the columns in the query (if I change the query to select only one of the columns with the same where clause then no exception).

I assume this is because of some limitation in CRecordset, but I can't find anything telling me of any limitations. The table only has 39 columns.

Has anyone run into this problem? And if so, do you have a work around / solution?

This is a MFC project using Visual Studio 6.0 if it makes any difference.

Here's the query (formatted here so wold show up without a scrollbar):

    SELECT `id`, `member_id`, `member_id_last_four`, `card_number`, `first_name`,
           `mi`, `last_name`, `participant_title_id`, `category_id`, `gender`, 
           `date_of_birth`, `address_line_1`, `address_line_2`, `city`, `state`, 
           `zip`, `phone`, `work_phone`, `mobile_phone`, `fax`, `email`, 
           `emergency_name`, `emergency_phone`, `job_title`, `mail_code`, 
           `comments`, `contract_unit`, `contract_length`, `start_date`, 
           `end_date`, `head_of_household`, `parent_id`, `added_by`, `im_active`, 
           `ct_active`, `organization`, `allow_members`, `organization_category_id`,  
   FROM `participants` 
   WHERE `member_id` = '27F7D0982978B470C5CF94B1B833CC93F997EE23'

Copying and pasting into my query browser gives me only one result.

More info:

Commented out each column in the select statement except for id. Ran the query and no exception.

Then I systematically went through and uncommented each column, one at a time, and re-ran query in between each uncomment.

When I uncomment the comment column then I get the error.

This is defined as the following (Using MySQL): LONGTEXT


Can we assume you mean you're calling CODBCRecordset::Open(), yes? Or more precisely, something like:

CDatabase db;
CODBCRecordSet rs (&db);
rs.Open ("select blah, blah, blah from ...");

EDIT after response:

There are some known bugs with various ODBC drivers that appear to be caused by retrieving invalid field lengths. See these links:

This particular one seems to have been because CRecordset will allocate a buffer big enough to hold the field. As the column returns a length of zero, it's interpreted as the max 32-bit size (~2G) instead of the max 8-bit size (255 bytes). Needless to say, it can't allocate enough memory for the field.

Microsoft has acknowledged this as a problem, have a look at these for solutions:

EDIT after question addenda:

So, given that your MySQL field is a LONGTEXT, it appears CRecordSet is trying to allocate the max possible size for it (2G). Do you really need 2 gig for a comments field? Typing at 80 wpm, 6cpw would take a typist a little over 7 years to fill that field, working 24 h/day with no rest :-).

It may be a useful exercise to have a look at all the columns in your database to see if they have appropriate data types. I'm not saying that you can't have a 2G column, just that you should be certain that it's necessary, especially in light of the fact that the current ODBC classes won't work with a field that big.

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