Why ASP.NET MVC bothers to have a Default.aspx file?

When create a new ASP.NET MVC project in Visual Studio 2008, there is a Default.aspx page by default. It has one line

In its Page_Load function, it just redirects to "/" to go through the routing procedure.

    public void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        IHttpHandler httpHandler = new MvcHttpHandler();

I tried to remove Default.aspx and it turns out that the default URI "http://localhost:2574/" is still accessible. So, why bother to have such Default.aspx?


Older versions of IIS need a startup document and it also gives you something to right-click on to get the "View in Browser" option.

What's happening here, is that the Url requested (which was Default.aspx) is being re-written to the application root "/" and then transferred off of the Webform HTTP handler and onto the MvcHttpHandler. A request for "/" will match the Default route entry (show further down)... eventually sending us onto one of the route controllers.

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