Creating msi in vs08 - few questions

I am creating an MSI from inside visual studio 2008.

This is what I am doing:

  • (With the project I am creating this for open in Visual Studio) right click Add new project
  • Setup and Deployment > Setup Project
  • Give it a name
  • Right click Application Folder > Add > Project Output: Primary Output
  • Question: does this contain all I need to run the project?
  • I want to create the .msi to put a shortcut to it on the Users desktop, so
  • Create shortcut to Primary output from Project
  • Move this to the users desktop folder
  • Question: how do I get this to keep the icon from the project!! conveniently doing this seems to have lost the app icon and picked some random generic one instead.


edit 0: Oh and also, can I set so when running the .msi the user cannot change where it is installed to?

Nobody knows how to do this?


  1. It should unless you are referencing mixed mode assemblies in which case you may have to manually add files to the installer as the dependency resolution is very poor in this case.
  2. You need to set the icon manually in the properties of the setup project.
  3. To Remove the option to select the installation folder try opening the user interface view of the project and deleting the 'Installation Folder' screen.

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