How do I restrict the number of records to be processed in an SSIS package?

I have a table with 7M records I want to trim down to 10k for dev. I tried a delete, but the whole world was nearly overpowered by the transaction log size, so I truncated the table.

Now I wish to insert 10k records from the original table, into my dev table, but it has a identity column, and many, many other columns, so I'd thought I'd try SSIS (through the wizard), which handles the identity nicely, but gives me no place to edit a query. So I quickly made a view with a top clause, and changed the RowSet property of the source to the view. Now everything fails because nothing sees the view, although I copied and pasted the view name from my create view statement, which fails a second time because, lo, the view actually does exist.

Does SSIS define which DB objects are used when a package is created, which would exclude the new view, and if so, how can I refresh that?


There's really no need to use SSIS to do this. You should be able to insert the records using SQL. First, you will need to set IDENTITY_INSERT to on. Then, you should be able to execute something like this:

SET IDENTITY_INSERT db.schema.dev_table ON

INSERT INTO dev_table SELECT TOP (10000) * FROM prod_table

Ed is correct, SSIS is overkill for this task - especially as you are only inserting 10K records.

Assuming the DEV table's schema is identical to the production, the script Ed displayed will work just fine.

If the schema is different, you can specify the columns specifically - including the identity column (remembering to set the identity insert OFF afterwards). For example:

INSERT INTO dev_table (Id, Col1,Col2,Col3,Col4)
SELECT TOP 10000 Id, Col1, Col2, Col3, Col4 FROM prod_table

You could also have used the row sampling control to extract a random number of records from the overall data rather than just getting the top 10000 rows. This would give a better sampling for use in development/testing since you would not be developing against only your 10000 oldest (if your distribution is like most tables I have seen) records, but instead a sampling from across your entire file.

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