How do I get values from url and append them to existing values in url (php)

I have a link in my page that look like this: a href=?command=value but when I click the link and the page reloads it first load another include php file. That redirect the user based on the cookie. like this: header('Location: ?lang='.$redirect); So when the page loads the ?command=value is gone.

I need to append &command=value in the redirecting include file so the url look like this: ?lang=en_US&command=value


I like the http_build_query function the most:

$variables = $_GET;
$variables['lang'] = $redirect;
header('Location: ' . http_build_query($variables));

Like this you keep the existing variables, add your own and use the new query string for the redirect.

Change the redirect line to this:

header('Location: ?lang='.$redirect.'&command='.$_GET['command']);

You would need to do something like:

header('Location: ?lang=' . $redirect . '&' . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);

The above will keep any get data that is associated in tack. codersarepeople will only do the command.

Good luck!


One potential down side to this would be if the lang is already in the QUERY_STRING, it will also be appended, so be cautious of that, depending on the uses.

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