How can I clear the Warnings sections of the error list In VS2008?

Specifically, once I get the WCAG Anaylsis warnings for a website into my warnings window I can't get rid of them, until I close down studio. When building another project in the same solution they stay there.

Anyone got any ideas?


I came across this question yesterday looking for an easy answer. While closing the solution works for me, and then rebuilding only the solution I want to see warnings on, I found that doing a "Clean Solution" (right-click solution, select "Clean Solution") will clear the Error List pane (including warnings).

Close all open documents and rebuild the solution to get rid of those warnings. I have also that problem on webprojects and WCAG-varnings, but they disapear when Im doing a rebuild.

Unload/Reload project

I regularly get stubborn errors that do not clear (in the VS2010 Error List with MS Ajax Minifier). I found that Unloading and Reloading the project clears the errors; this works more easily than closing and re-opening the solution. This is less than ideal, but is the best solution I've found to work around the buggy interaction between VS2010 and MS Ajax Minifier.

Error 1 The Microsoft Ajax Minifier does not have permission to write to Content\ ... .min.css

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