ASP.NET: Custom client-side validator for "one of two fields must be filled"?

Can you tell me if there anybody has implemented a custom validator for checking that one of two (or N) input fields are filled?

   "Insert phone number or email address"

I'm using ASP.NET (Ajax) 3.5, the ajaxToolkit:ValidatorCalloutExtender (and jQuery if it's necessary).


I just did this (requires jQuery):


function validatePhoneOrEmail(source, args) {
    if ($("[id$='txtEmail']").val() == "" && $("[id$='txtTel']").val() == "") 
        args.IsValid = false;
        args.IsValid = true;


<asp:CustomValidator runat="server" 
    ErrorMessage="Please enter a telephone number or email address">

I don't have any server-side validation for this, but I'm assuming a similar function in the server would be pretty easy to create.

Oh, sure, about 10 minutes later I found this Code Project article Multiple Fields Validator - An ASP.NET Validation Control by Adam Tibi by myself:

I am not one to push commercial products here but when it comes to validation you would do yourself an incredible disservice not to take a look at Best control package bar none...Hanselmans take on them -

"Not an add-in but rather a complete re-imagining of the ASP.NET Validation Framework. There's a learning curve, but it will change the way you write pages. Also check out his Visual Security Security and Peter'sDatePackage. His documentation is legendary."

Code project also has this control (by yours truly):

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