Search using Windows for files ending in jsp

I'm trying to search using the windows search one of my web directories for any uses of scriptlets. However, the search seems to be ignoring all files ending in .jsp. I searched for plain words, and that didn't work either. Is there a reason Windows ignores these files when searching?


One answer: FileSeek. It's fast, free and will do exactly what you want. It will search inside files and supports regular expressions and wildcard searches.

You need to search for a wildcard this being "*" ( without the quotes ). If you'd search for *.txt you'd get all files ending in .txt and if youd write abc.** you'd get all files starting with abc.

So using wildcards will help you find what you are searching for. Try pressing F1 in the Search window ( Ctrl + F )

I suggest you to use this command line utility (a kind of windows grep)

findstr /c:bla /s *.jsp

this will find recursively all files containing bla (and it will highlight the respective lines) and ending in jsp.

Windows Search won't search within files that it doesn't recognize as a known, searchable type. See this knowledge base article for a description of the problem and a registry hack to get around it for a specific file type. Note that you'd need to do this for each unrecognized file type you wanted to add.

Try searching for *.jsp and see if any files come up.

Two possibilities:

  1. The folder isn't indexed by windows search
  2. JSP files are flagged as "file properties filter" in the windows search options.

From your "Indexing Options" control panel, add the folder. Under "Advanced", click the "File Types" tab and look for JSP. Change the index to "Index file properties and content" or whatever it's called on your system. You can also add the file type if it's not already listed.

Using the windows built in find in files for non-standard (popular) file types (anything but .doc, .txt, etc) does not seem to work.

I use UltraEdit32 and its find in files utility to do this for JS and ASP.NET types.

I can suggest you StopKa - desktop search tool; i do not post link here (or it is possible?) cause it will look like ads - cause i am author - try to google for it.

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